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Created by Members & Friends of Slough Canal

The idea of a recipe section has come about following the abundance of blackberries this year, next to the canal. Send us your recipes and we will start to grow our very own collection, who knows we may even have enough to produce our very own "Friends of Slough Canal" Cook Book.

Blackberry & Apple Jelly
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1.3kg/3lb blackberries

1.3kg/3lb sound cooking apples

1.2 litres/ 2 pints water



  1. Wash fruit; slice apples thinly but do not peel, core or remove pips.

  2. Place in a large pan with water and simmer gently until quite soft, approx 1½ hours.

  3. Strain through a jelly bag (muslin or fine woven cotton cloth will do). Do not press fruit – just allow juice to drip. Best left overnight!

  4. Measure juice. Weigh out 450g/1lb sugar to each 600ml/1 pint.

  5. Sterilise jars in oven or microwave (follow manufacturer’s instructions).

  6. Heat juice in clean pan; stir in sugar and dissolve before bringing to the boil.

  7. Boil jelly without stirring. If using a jam thermometer, remove from heat when it reaches 220°F/106°C. Or do a cold plate test – take a drop of liquid and place on plate. If it sets or wrinkles within a minute, jelly is ready. If not, boil further and re-test.

  8. Skim away any scum which will form.

  9. Pot immediately, filling jars to the brim (very hot – take care!).

  10.  If to be stored, put waxed disks on surface.

  11. Cool; label and cover when cold.

  12. Enjoy:D.

Notes: Do not use large jars for jelly as once opened it tends to liquify at edges